Milling Cutters & Milling Cutters Sharpening

Who are we ?

The specialist in sharpening and reconditioning of hobs, shaper cutters, shaving cutters and broaches. We are present everywhere in Europe.

July 2003: Creation of CTMS to respond to the demand created by the lack of good quality sharpening available in the French market

CTMS is the only company specialized in sharpening and reconditioning of gear cutting tools.
We are able to analyse, sharpen, prepare and control the tools we recondition.
We work in partnership with tools manufacturers and coating specialists, to optimise cutting solutions in order to reduce significantly your costs per piece!

CTMS can advise you on the cutting solutions to meet your production requirements at best.
We deliver each tool to you along with a control report which guaranteed an exceptional sharpening quality.

About cutting: for hobs,shaper and shaving cutters, CTMS offers tool management solutions, allowing our customers to be free from tool management constraints, but invoicing them only for the produced pieces.